Saturday, April 3, 2021

MaW session 27th March 2021

Adrienne introduced today's Mindfulness with the Support of Sound practice with a Longfellow poem:

The Sound of the Sea

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

 The sea awoke at midnight from its sleep,
  And round the pebbly beaches far and wide
  I heard the first wave of the rising tide
  Rush onward with uninterrupted sweep;
A voice out of the silence of the deep,
  A sound mysteriously multiplied
  As of a cataract from the mountain's side,
  Or roar of winds upon a wooded steep.
So comes to us at times, from the unknown
  And inaccessible solitudes of being,
  The rushing of the sea-tides of the soul;
And inspirations, that we deem our own,
  Are some divine foreshadowing and foreseeing
  Of things beyond our reason or control.


Bev followed with the writing prompt 

long live the weeds and the wilderness yet

from this inimitable poem:

by Gerard Manley Hopkins (1881)

This darksome burn, horseback brown,
His rollrock highroad roaring down,
In coop and in comb the fleece of his foam
Flutes and low to the lake falls home.
A windpuff-bonnet of fáwn-fróth
Turns and twindles over the broth
Of a pool so pitchblack, féll-frówning,
It rounds and rounds despair to drowning.
Degged with dew, dappled with dew
Are the groins of the braes that the brook treads through,         
Wiry heathpacks, flitches of fern,
And the beadbonny ash that sits over the burn.
What would the world be, once bereft
Of wet and of wildness? Let them be left,
O let them be left, wildness and wet;         
Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet.

The last of our three top-up sessions finished wiht resounding resolve to keep writing, begin a new project call "taking off the brakes" and to pronounce wilderness with a "wild" beginning from this day forth thanks to Michele. How wonderful


And now for some of 


When the Time Comes
by Hilaire

Bury me beneath the magnolia tree
where crocuses bloom,
where we lay drunk on love
that first dizzying summer
gazing up into its bowery branches.

As winter ends
my name will emerge
as the crocuses bloom,
fade as they wither.

When you need to be held
lay your left hand on the trunk
of the magnolia tree,
your right hand on a strong branch,
then haul yourself into her embrace. 

Prompt: “Degged with dew, dappled with dew”
by Candyce Reynolds

Falling in, Falling out
Depth or Expansion
Is it the same?
Is it different?
As with all things,
It depends
Which way are you facing?
What stands below you?

The edge
Is an edge either way
A razor,
A log
Sturdy or sleight
One’s balance flounders or flourishes
The edge is
Degged with dew, dappled with dew

Is there a choice?
Fall in or fall out
Depth or Expansion
Teetering, rocking—willing it right
A moment of momentum
Deciding for you or Coming from you?

Mushroom-dark broth
by Kath Higgens

Mushroom-dark broth
broils and whirls
in the pan of his mind, 
heat ratchets up
fuming and hissing,
feverish foam seethes
and runs over,
reeking, brown-speckled –
the spoon swirls it
round and round
despair to drowning.

A home for us
by Britt Doughty-Godchaux

To the lake falls
low house dark.

Night creatures flute.
Lights in silence
call out.
My heart knows
My heart yearns

goat-like kids:
I have faith in us.
Far away, 
together yet
for an imagined
in safety 

Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet
by YY

As we  seek perfection in an imperfect world,
Destroying the beauty of wildflower to bring in the order we think we must have
We ignore the absolute beauty of chaos
The joy of the wild
The wonder of surprise to delight the eye, with yellows and purples and greens all so bright
I embrace the stunning wilderness of nature, the path of flowers and trees, taking me with it ….as we grow to the light .


Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always!

Kay: thankyou Adrienne   beautiful meditation  great start to the day and to the weekend and your bowl is sounding lovely

Adrienne: thanks Kay

Joyce: that is amazing Kath  very powerfulx

Sheila: My charger is acting up so I might disappear without warning

Giovanna: Hoping you stay with us Sheila!


Hilaire: Such an uplifting session - thanks everyone!

Giovanna: Thanks to everyone, that was just wonderful

Kay: just wonderful   have absolutely loved these sessions   thankyou bev and Adrienne and all you wonderful women   kx

Candyce: Loved all your work.  Thanks for sharing!

Lesley: Thank you everyone. loved being in your company and hearing your fabulous words. x

Michele: Thank you so much Adrienne and Bev for such wonderful sessions.

Catrice: Thank you to everyone!  Adrienne and Bev these are such wonderful, centering sessions.  Thank you for this moment if togetherness and peace.

Sheila: Thanks Bev Adrienne and everyone

Sandra: Thank you everyone- I have to go xx

Joyce: so grateful to Adrienne and bev - and to all of you  - what joy  to share this space with you all xxx

Kath: Thanks to everyone

Hilaire: Thanks so much Bev & Adrienne & everyone for your inspiring contributions xx

Yvonne: Amazing morning , thank you all so very much…love xxx

Louise: fabulous inspiring beautiful thank you thank you Adrienne Bev and the words of all

Friday, March 26, 2021

MaW session 20th March 2021


A great multi-national turnout again today despite the fact that Bev managed to LOCK the meeting before it even started - sorry!  Adrienne introduced her Loving Kindness mindfulness practice with a poem Love after Love by Derek Walcott 
Bev followed with the writing prompt from the poem 
Tree by our very own writer Giovanna McKenna:

I am secure in your grasp

Unfortunately, or should we say fortunately, we cannot share the poem at this point in time as it is out for publication!

GWL Calm Slam ~ deadline 30th April for 
Here is a link to Glasgow Women's Library Calm Slam that Giovanna mentioned. 

And here's a poem published by our very own
Lesley O'Brien ~ Come Awa' In


And now for some of 


Secure in your grasp
by Bex Woodsford

Secure in your grasp
   Am I?
And you, are you secure in mine?
  Who are you?
Can you be known? with just words?
No never enough
  I crave the security of touch
    Of your soft fragranced skin
    Of feeling held
    The perfume of your hair
The whole embodied wholeness of you
    that makes me feel safe.
This time of disembodied heads of screens
   Voices in the ether
      No safety
Keep close the muscle memory of the whole of you

“I have come inside a silence” (Kenneth Steven – Cloister)
by Kath Higgens

Sometimes I must get away from
the distractions of home -
the screen that wants to invade,
the notes that scream to be read;
the cosy chair; the fridge.

I walk three minutes
and arrive in a different world,
where trees offer shade,
where birds carry on their humble lives,
where flowers wave and grasses stretch.

The garden is walled with quiet,
the very earth permeated
with such sacred ordinariness
that I must loose myself
from my shoes.

Here, for decades, men and women
have brought their troubled souls,
their joyful souls,
and cocooned in this quiet
have found their way to peace.

The following piece from Catrice is from a different writing group but I though to include it here as another wave to the inspirational Kenneth Steven 

“Take Nothing with you but your shoes”    (from a line by Kenneth Steven)
by Catrice Greer (1st draft)

When you leave us
close the door
leave not a crack and nothing more
for if you do we would search for you 
in the hinges
turn the knob hoping to find you standing there 
in the light to love you again 

When you leave us 
don’t look back 
we said our goodbyes in the million hugs, 
longwinded, the winding talks we had, laughing 
loud, silent in-between, staring off into space 
when there’s nothing more to say 
nothing left to glean

When you leave us,
and your name has been called 
and your work here is done 
take nothing but your shoes, 

Walk off tall, 6’6” as you are 
far off in the distance your head 
crowned by the gleam of the sun, 
another dying star shining.

Leave all of your burdens, the things undone. 
close the door in the dark night,  
the echoing silence speaks your name 


Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always!

Kay: so powerful   thankyou Adrienne   kx
Hilaire: Thank you Adrienne - that slowed me right down!
Britt: I'd imagine a collection of poems would be massively beneficial to others working with MS as well. Particularly including that work.
Angie: I like the last line, 're-learn'.
Angie: Oooo I love that. It was so colourful.
Sandra W: Such imagery. So beautiful
Kay: incredible Giovanna  kx
Hilaire: So powerful
Britt: Hilaire, you chose the right tree!!
Sandra W: I’m there with u. So much intensity
Sandra W: Love the I am. And the connection to god. Xx
Hilaire: Such beautiful & rich imagery Catrice!
Britt: It felt like several organic cycles, but emotional too.
Angie: That is how I feel about it too Bex.
Sheila: Thanks everyone for wonderful words sewn together xx
Bex: I love the we are secure in our grasp
Angie: Wonderful. xx
Kay: beautiful reading Giovanna kx
Hilaire: Gorgeous poem Giovanna
Giovanna: Bye everyone, thank you
Bex: Thank you all so much. See you next week xx
Angie: Thank you again for another fabulous mindfulness and writing session.  I am glad that I am kind to myself and make the time to attend. xx
Catrice: An honor to be here with all of you today. Beautiful poetry all.  Very generous sharing.  Take care. Be well.
Louise: wonderful waves of words wafting around my mind - thank you one and all
Joyce: what  inspiring and heart moving  women thankyou all xx
Sandra B: Thank you Bev and Adrienne! And to everyone who shared words and witnessed wordsharing xx
Kay: another wonderful session   how well the mindfulness and writing work together   and such beautiful words shared
Hilaire: thanks everyone- see you next week
Kay: thankyou bev and Adrienne and thankyou everyone
Angie: Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Lots of love and happy Spring equinox.
YY: Thank you all…a beautiful start to this day xxx
Britt: Thank you everyone for every word. I feel rich. Thank you, Bev and Adrienne for helping this all to happen. Be so well. x
Kate Lindsay: Thank you for another wonderful session xx

Friday, March 19, 2021

MaW session 13th March 2021

Welcome back Mindful Writers! My my my what a turn out we had with 27 folk from 7 different countries signed up. Adrienne introduced her Mindfulness with the support of Breath practice with a poem Over the Weather by Naomi Shihab Nye and Bev followed with the writing prompt

the garden is walled with quiet 

This came from a poem by that breathtaking (see what I did there?) poet

Kenneth Steven, his poem called Coracle that you find here: Collection of Kenneth Steven Poems


And now for some of 


the garden is walled with quiet 
by Joyce Nicholson

I hear you, cutting through the quiet, 
blackbird singing, signing your heart, 
instincts instigating connections, 
for spring is rising and change is coming, 
Change, She always comes.
pushing, piercing, earth uncovering, unwrapping,
saffron and straw, sage and sea green, 
silent symbols of change, constantly surfacing.

Sisters - watch the long season changes, notice.
each small shift, significant, 
unfurling fronds of fierce love, 
as We all rise up. 

How beautiful is the silence that hugs my pain away………
by Sandra Walls

I hear a woven hum of bees
I patter down the slab stone-cuts earthed into the old grass
Sunlight splits through mature shrubs and high-rise plumes 
In the giant oak neighbours wanted murdered, I hear the buzz of little lives
One little fat bee not of the yellow and blacks
But an orange flank and sting; he’s exhausted
 And full of pollen in his sacks
I run back skipping stones, two-at-a-time
Sugared water frappe’d with a cocktail stick
Back to my little friend
Lifting him upon my hand I pour a well of sweetness
Not a sting in sight
Tiny, hooked feet hold onto my fingerprints
A tiny tongue folds out from his chin and drinks hastily down
We sigh of relief
I stare into him, cute for an insect
He washes his face, furred head and tiny black eyes
Tries out his transparent, rainbow, oil slick wings;   They work!     And he flies
I look up his name, Bombus Lapidarius
I nickname him The Bomb - Flying high like Ulysses towards the sun
He turned and told me – “Salutes”
For my revival,
To work another day
For the honey and my Queen
‘N’est We Forget’

by Britt Doughty-Godchaux

I am the grass, the temperature of the air
the same inside me and without.  
The sky an impossible blue, 
the bees work their way with precision
amongst every waving wand of lavender.
Spring is impossible, so I say this season
is the one right before, one of the countless other
nameless seasons. This season is the first dry
day, the first day that could be understood 
to be hot. The first day where my body can
find a burrow in tall grass to settle
back and consider the good earth, the 
strong earth. Its wise, powerful creatures
tend it and feed from its magic. This is a day
where we find the good we ignore, the good that goes
on without human notice, this good has a full, true
run of the world. Fingers find blades. The bees
progress caring and uncaring. The hum not
for the hearing. 

and from YY... sending love to you and so many who have lost love ones...

The garden is walled with quiet, ten feet tall. 
I have come inside a silence and dad is waiting there for me…..
You look happy dad, how wonderful to see you walking with the spirit and gait of a young man in your twenties just like you looked in your wedding photo . How are you dad? …..No words or sounds in the silence, but a smile that radiates his message - after all the pain and inability to get out of that horrible hospital bed - I walk without pain. My body is light and warm and I thank God that both my mind and body are now at peace, watching over you all and Im proud of the celebration you are making of my life - in my memory  - love you , Dad

Many thanks to Anja for a shout out from Berlin in this article

Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always!

Sandra: Angie ur wonderful performative poetry again is ready to go.
Bex: I love the earth heaves quietly
Britt: 'winter withdraws': that's how it feels!
Britt: Sandra, the sound went out a bit for me. Would love to read it again?
Michele: Such lovely and inspirational writings and a lovely mediation.  Thank you all, I am going to have to go. See you all next week.
Michele: Michele
Mo: Sorry, need to go now. Thanks for all your sharing, wonderful writing, so many vivid , visual images that I wanted to capture and explore. And I love the poems that were offered as prompts. Bye now
Catrice: Beautiful line, Hilaire.  beautiful.
Angie  Everyone : wonderful morning. fabulous poetry.
Elaine Morrison  to  Everyone : Thank you everyone. That was a lovely session. See you next week. Ex
Bex: Thank you everyone and see you next week!
Kay: thankyou so much bev and Adrienne and everyone   wonderful  kx
Susan : Hi, thank you for today. I had nothing to share today but it was lovely to hear your words
Joyce: fabulous thank you all - what inspiration xxx
Hilaire: thank you everyone - wonderful start to my day!
Y: Beautiful writing, powerful words - special morning -Thank you all xxx
Angie: Thank you Adrienne and Bev. Good to see everyone. xx

Monday, March 8, 2021

New Mindfulness & Writing Sessions!

Welcome back to Mindfulness and Writing sessions with Bev & Adrienne starting Saturday 

13th March.

We're going to get you back into it with three relaxing "top up" sessions. The first of three 6-week courses begins in May and we hope will strengthen your mindfulness and writing practices. 

Anyone wanting to attend must register:

Saturdays 1000 - 1200

Remember the routine? 

- Email to register

- Bev will send you an email with the link an hour before the session

- 0945 the session opens for a 1000 start


Top up sessions:
Sat 13th March
Sat 20 March
Sat 27 March

6 week session (first of 3 this year)
Sat 8 May
Sat 15 May
Sat 22 May
Sat 29 May
Sat 12 June
Sat 19 June

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

10th Session ~ Sound & Conversation

 Adrienne's mindfulness practice today used the Support of Sound. She opened with Mary Oliver's poem How I go to the Woods and by the time we reached the writing section everyone was well tuned to listen, to explore our writing prompt...

my life conversation

This was inspired by the writing of David Whyte, in particular his poem "Everything is Waiting for you". Since listening is the best part of conversation, this followed on nicely from the mindfulness practice with sound. An excellent exploration of this takes place in this Krista Tippett interview with the poet: The Conversational Nature of Reality

Giovanna is recommending we enter some of this wonderful writing in the Glasgow Women's Library's
Bold Types: Scottish Women’s Creative Writing Competition Come on, get those pieces sent in!

Annan has sent a link her performance "Deep Canyon" some years ago... a journey through her ovarian cancer experience. Get yourself a cup of tea... this is an hour of rich sharing you don't want to miss, thanks Annan!

Good news this week from Anja... some of her work has been published in the latest anthology from Dreich Themes, "The Family Chapbook". She writes under "Annick Yerem".

And Hiliare has asked me to share Norman MacCaig’s poem "Summer Farm" - stunning... it could have been any one of you!


And now for some of 


The getting together session
by Priscilla Webster

Me and the Tree
We have got together daily in this lockdown 
lockup lockin lockout time.
 I know she knows I am there, 
she flings down helicopters and leaves,
she nurses a darling treecreeper and her nestlings, 
she towers tall and proud and so, so green for now.
I know that underground she uses her lovingkindnesses
 to accompany other roots
 to warn them of danger
from man and disease, she comforts them.
 And receives with grace their returning care.
We are in love, me and the tree.

Priscilla is also recommending these books for reading:
"“The Overground” by Richard Powers, a novel where I learned loads about trees.                                     Next I’ll read “The Underground” by Robert McFarlane, maybe  companion to the above."



My life conversations….
by Joyce Nicholson

Right now, drawing deep down into  Dharma ,
Mindfulness filled noticing,
Of lifetimes of patterns, old friends and hungry ghosts,
Grappling with impermanence,
And the joy of being present, right now.
Being with my-self, and all of you beings,
And the infinite expansiveness in hearing,
The crack, crack crackle of the fire,
The orange, orange, of the blackbirds beak,
The green, green, emerald heartfelt love
At the sight of all of you,
Sharing our wickedly phenomenal writing,
What a wonderful gift you have given us.

by Kath Higgens

Everything was waiting for us, Mum,
as we walked the narrow lane together,
light sparkling on a dew-drop,
you reminiscing at the sight of “liquid gold”-
a huge steaming dollop of horse manure,
reminding you of your embarrassment
when sent out by your Mum to collect it -
me trying to capture flitting butterflies on camera.
The daily walks we had, your arm in mine,
chatting or silent, no matter.
Or by the river, you supping hot chocolate,
commenting on children – you saw so many twins! –
me pointing out geese and ducks, heron flying overhead.

Now, I wonder what is waiting for me…
your suitcase had been packed for so long,
then you made your final exit as lockdown began,
me in a far-off country.
Now I will walk the lanes alone, 
perhaps hearing your old words in my head –
“Those children are so close in age, 
they MUST be twins!”

gale force
by Hilaire

lean into the wind.
to its push and bluster
your hair's wild tangle
your holler thrown back
down your throat
re-erupting as laughter.

splay your arms
and let your coat
sail you past the edge
of the whirlpool.

surf these silverfast currents
that twist you
into a cascade 
of somersaults.

have no thought
for your landing.
trust in the slow ebb
that will cushion
your return.


Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always... see you soon!

Kay: thankyou Adrienne  kx
Candyce: that was lovely. Thank you!
Larky: I hope this can continue in some way.  I was blown away by the writing that some of you shared last week.  I look at your intriguing names and faces and want to hear more.  Larky
Anja: Thank you, Adrienne. That practice was really lovely.
Giovanna: I agree Larky, it would be so good to continue.
Louise: hope so
Bev Lapidus: my life conversation (the writing prompt)
Bex: scamp needs out, so I need to go out with him. lovely to share time and words with you all
Catrice: Well done Giovanna!
Susan: Great, Giovanna!
Giovanna: Thank you
Anja: Wonderful, Giovanna!
Anja: I loved this!
Hilaire: Loved that Joyce!
Giovanna: That was wonderful Joyce, loved you repetition, perfectly used!
Anja: Joyce, that was great
Anja: Isabel, thank you!
Giovanna: “the blues and greys in me stop screaming” thank you Catrice
Hilaire: Wow! That was beautiful Catrice xx
Anja: Simply wonderful, Catrice
Catrice: Thank you, Giovanna
Catrice: Thank you, Anja
Britt: so many seeds to cultivate from that one, Catrice...
Catrice: Thank you, everyone. <e
Britt: Wow, Sandra....
Catrice: Sandra!  You are fire!!!!!!!!!!
Catrice: Wow!!!
Sandra: Thanks Catrice
Lesley O: loving all of this! x
Catrice: Britt!  Excellence.  Loved that.
Kay: wonderful wonderful stuff so far   thankyou everyone kx
Giovanna: Anja that was fantastic “to dance in abandoned living rooms”
Catrice: So beautiful Anja. <3
Anja: Thank you!
Lesley O: brilliant Anja! 
Giovanna: “bathing the mountain’s flanks in colour” gorgeous Susan
Candyce: no. I’m sorry.  Internet barely hanging on! Thank you for including me.  I loved this.  I hope there is more.  I will read the next time!
Catrice: Jo, your voice is amazing for reading out loud.  I love hearing you read.  So much nuance, pleasant modulating tones, and authority, and humor.
Catrice: Yes, I agree Britt!
Catrice: The work today is amazing!  Thank you.
Anja: And so much laughter today- wonderful!
Britt: Excellent medicine for the one suitcase, or maybe both?
Hilaire: Thank you again!!
Giovanna: It’s been so wonderful everyone, I wish we could all meet up!
Britt: Agreed....
Catrice: I am going to miss you ladies (until the next time).  Truly. This has been wonderful.  Thank you so much.  Pleasure to meet you all.  I do plan to return. You ladies are tops!
Sandra: That's a great idea Giovanna!
Britt: I second that emotion, Catrice...
Michele Hipwell: Thank you for these sessions, Bev and Adrienne, an inspired duo, and to all, such a delight to listen to you all. 
Susan: Thank you Bev and Adrienne and everyone. The sessions have been fantastic. I hope to see you all soon, Susan
Giovanna: Thank you so much Bev and ADrienne, this group has been so beautifully led, I feel as if I am with a group of really good friends X
Sandra: Till next time? I've loved these sessions. Thank you all x
Anja: Thank you to Adrienne and Bev for creating a safe and wonderful haven and thank you to all of you, it was lovely to meet you all and hear the gorgeous words you wrote
Britt: I am so grateful for all of this. <3<3<3
Hilaire: Thank you everyone for sharing your wonderful words
Louise: loved loved - thank you - see you for the next session defo
Lesley O: Big thank you to everyone! xxxxxx
Kay: thankyou so much bev & Adrienne and everyone for such a special special time    hope to see you all again soon    kx
Anja: Lovely, thank you Bev!
Yvonne: Thank you Bev & Adrienne. Today was amazing …thank you all for the powerful words that made me laugh and also made me cry today. What a wonderful day…love to all xxx
Catrice: Thank you will send my email.
Jo: Thanks, all for this wonderful connection and sharing time … Especially Bev and Adrienne. xx  
Britt: It was lovely to get to know such a beautiful group of people through their writing... how special. 
Hilaire: Bye - hope we can do this again xx
Jo: Kay Richie, I so love your work but you have been silent. Please blog your pieces
Isabel: Again, thank you Bev, Adrienne and everyone. Sad to be leaving. xx

and a huge thank you all from Adrienne and Bev... this is not the end

Sunday, August 23, 2020

9th Session ~ Breath & Witness

Today's session hosted writers from

Oregon, California, Baltimore, Germany, South Africa, Zimbabwe

and of course England and all over Scotland (including the isles of Easdale & Cumbrae)

We returned to one of the simpler practices mindfulness with the support of breath that is one you might more easily be able to do on your own, even if you can't access the audio link. Adrienne led us in with the poem "Breath" by Peter Adams. You can read it here on a rather wonderful looking blog called Heart Mind.

Our writing process for today, the idea of relaxing into the idea that this magnificent world of ours needs little more than our witnessing ... and that is what we do with our writing. The concept was rather eerily predicted by Aileen Paterson in a Water Story session earlier in the day, so we started by reading her piece:

What Matters

by Aileen Paterson

What matters is the rain on my window, the grey dark sea rippling in to the shore, the streets deserted and the sound of cars swooshing through flooded streets.

What matters is the way the light in the sky still seeps through grey white clouds, even in the middle of a storm.

What matters is the pen in my hand, my words, what matters is to keep writing, to keep having a voice, to speak your truth.

What matters is this silence. This pause. A space for thought. What matters is stopping doing anything.

Be still. Create the space you need. Stop the onslaught of thoughts, your need to achieve. Your being here is enough. Breathe into this new way of being.

Our actual writing prompt your head to the wind was taken from:


by Kay Carmichael (her book "It Takes a Lifetime to Become Yourself")

Thought you wrote some poems?
You were wrong.
Powered by pain,
half scream, half song,
they kept your head to the wind,
drove you through the storm.
The poems wrote you.


And now for some of 


Under the Crescent Moon Blows the Wind
by Catrice Greer

Is it possible  
that in the frequency 
you found in me 
the grounded parts of yourself 
whole, uncracked

open circuits, fuse broken
by distorted unsafe currents
back in safe mode
kundalini coiled 

you found me awakened 
fluttered, atrial  
beating ohms
feeling for you
in this virtual space
pulses speaking
our ebbs, flows, synergies
blown through, amplified 
crested in our pixilated silences, 
we see better
we get 

you’ve written your ballad into me
call & response 
could it be 
me, lyrical, etched  
into this time again
you sing the song 
my electrified marrow’s 
been waiting to hear
gather itself

And it is written 
on the inside of me
growled in an echo serenading 
deep in the night that sings me to sleep 
pulsating a lullaby
rocking me sound 

We can’t say our goodbyes
No, not this time
We’ve only just said our lifetime of hellos

I need you here
in the crests and troughs 
riding high, pinned low,
blown through 
in this digital hyperspace
shuttling past hurts

no night or day
no need for time or to keep 
pace with light
we ride this current 

Twin energies synched 
we recognize our hertz
combine altitudes, we go 

And I hear the crackle of you 
astral traveling
feel you gust through me in the night 
your electric on my tongue 
I taste you 
and you touch me when you think
I cannot hear 
you thinking me 

3-dimensional seduction 
elevated vibrating 
you find your way inside me 
willingly unbraced
where we
sing our songs 
electronic duets
time travelers 
across oceans 
time, space

by Mo Szulejewska

Take your thoughts beyond… 
But no, don’t do that, what’s the point, where’s the adventure in that?
Take your thoughts…… No. 
Let your thoughts take you. Beyond your limits, your world, your experience.
Embrace the journey, throw yourself into it, allow your thoughts to be both guide and companion.
What wonders might you see? There’s a whispery, grey feather shaped cloud that looks so insubstantial, hovering and moving slowly in the pale blue sky above – what would it be like inside that cloud? What would it feel like, what would it smell and taste like? Would the texture be soft and downy or cold and hard as steel? Would it be warm, heated by the sun’s rays or cold, cooled by the surrounding air? Or would it have its own unique temperature zone generated from its own existence?
And what would you see – looking down at the land below? But would you want to look down? Where’s the excitement in looking at where you have already been and already know?
Look above, look around – lands and shapes and worlds beyond imaginings.
Let your thoughts take you to those undiscovered, unimagined and otherwise inaccessible places where anything and everything is possible.
Let your thoughts take you…..

by Hilaire (inspired by RAIN practice)

Down here, it is quiet.
The violent rush is over.
You may lie here
extremes of cold 
and heat
light and dark
listening to your body
slowly mending itself.
Hurry has vanished.
Ants busy themselves
around your stillness.

You will not climb 
from this place.
When feeling returns
test your steps
on the narrow path.
Keep steady ahead.
Hold the shrinking ravine
deep inside.

Your head to the wind

by Priscilla Webster

My head, receiver of knocks and blows
and sudden assaults from stairs, the
floor, the brother with the huge thumb,
the ground, the rounders bat.
My strong hardy head which recovers
each time and smiles again
with the help of the wind -
that knocks and blows and suddenly assaults
on mountain tops, on the biking road and on
the cliffs over the sea.
That strong hardy wind which cleanses
even as it never fails. My wind smiles.

Prompt: The kindness of memory


She stretches as she clambers down from the car seat - waking up after dozing off during the two-hour journey. She turns into the wind so her hair lifts back from her face, and looks down the narrow path, high wall on one side, house on the other. The path is wet and she jumps over the puddles to reach the back of the house and the steps. Every second stair has a flower pot at one side - geraniums, she discovers, when old enough to be interested - and the familiar scent grows as she climbs towards the kitchen door. She is three steps from the top when it swings open to reveal arms outstretched and a beaming smile. Granneeeeeee!


Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always:

Kath: Missed the awful loadshedding (power cut) today! Good to be back.

Annan: Hi everyone! I need to sign off in an hour due to work here…hope that’s ok?

Adrienne Hannah: of course annan

Kay: lovely   thankyou Adrienne  kx

Sheila: thank u Adrienne

Larky: My sister’s name has the stress on the first syllable:  ANN-an.

Giovanna: thank you Adrienne, I needed that!

Lapidus Scotland: your head to the wind

Hilaire: Beautiful imagery Anja

Catrice: Beautiful Anja!  <3

Sonja: So lovely! Thank you!

Anja: Thank you!

Catrice: @Susan, Wow!!

Giovanna: “caught out by the tempest” wonderful Susan

Anja: I could feel the storm coming, Susan!

Susan: Thank you

Anja: That ending, Catrice, wow!

Sonja: That was so fabulous!

Hilaire: Yes great ending!

Catrice: Thank you everyone.

Catrice: @Sandra ! Wowza. Powerful!  You have such a powerful voice in your work!

Catrice: Beautiful and peaceful poem.

Sandra: Thank you Catrice!

Anja: And the wind would batter at my burdens- that’s just wonderful!

Catrice: Lovely last line Giovanna.  Paired and sparkling!

Sandra: Beautiful images Giovanna. Thank you!

Anja: Yes! Catrice, you and I are a sucker for those last lines:-)

Giovanna: Pared! Thank you Catrice, I’d so love to be able to read your work

Giovanna: Thank you

Catrice: Thank you, Giovanna. I think Bev put a poem on the blog.  I’m working on publishing. So far, some work in the

Catrice: Oh pared!  Nice.

Giovanna: Brilliant, I will go looking for you

Anja: I loved that, Bev!

Sonja: I love the hot air reference to politicians LOL!

Catrice: Quite smart, Bev.  Love it!

Yvonne: What a beautiful session. Lovely to see you all. Love to all .... Bye from me xxx

Adrienne Hannah: bye Yvonne great that you were here

Britt: Brava, Priscilla!!

Catrice: Lovely !  From head wind to heart wind.

Sonja: I have to go to a meeting, Thank you so much for the invitation and the community! Looking forward to more time with you all! xo

Britt: Bye Sonja!!

Sandra: Me too. Headwind to heartwind is  beautiful image

Giovanna: CAn we organise a virtual Med/Write social at the end of this block? It would be lovely to chat with you all.

Britt: Here here, Giovanna. 

Sandra: Great idea!

Catrice: Great idea!

Sheila: 🍺

Anja: Lovely idea

Hilaire: Another enriching session - thank you Bev & Adrienne & everyone for sharing!

Britt: Your words fed my soul, thank you, everyone. 

Susan: Another great session! Thank you everyone

Sandra: Thank you so much Bev and Adrienne. I love these sessions!

Anja: Thank you to Adrienne and Bev for another lovely session and thank you to everyone for sharing your wonderful words here.

Louise's: a wind blowing session - I’m full of air and light on my feet... thank you all

Catrice: Thank YOU!  I love these sessions!

Kath: thank you, wonderful again

Larky: Thank you for changing the time so we could give this a try!  Thanks for all the shared encouragement.

Michele: So great to see you all. Thank you for all the inspiring writing.  Michele

Sheila: amazing quality of words from everyone no wind at all x

Jo: I missed your input, Kay.

Jo: Thanks, everybody else … humbling

Kay: a wonderful session    thankyou so much everyone   very special     thanks bev & Adrienne for making this happen    kx

Lesley: The mindfulness was wonderfully relaxing, much needed in these difficult times.  And thank you to everyone for sharing your meaty, thoughtful and inspiring words. x

Anja: And search of connections

Michele: I agree, lovely mindful practice, Adrienne.

Catrice: Good point Anja.

Michele: from Michele, Adrienne.

Susan: I need to leave now - thank you all. See you next week

Hilaire: Thanks again - see you all next week x

Catrice: Thank you, this has been quite lovely. Pleased to meet everyone.

Anja: Hoping to join next week, in case I can’t, here are my contact details,

Jo: Thanks all

Friday, August 14, 2020

8th Session ~ More Kindness and Gathering

Adrienne opened the Loving Kindness mindfulness practice with a quote by Einstein... it may be a little different to what you heard as she attended to the gender for her reading: 

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.

The creative writing then explored reconnecting as we come out of lockdown... touching again.

getting together

What moving writing this triggered... how much we have missed contact. We led into the writing with a poem from Bev:

España a Eceni

by Bev Schofield with thanks to David Whyte (see his poem The Journey In)

Tip me up.

Pour me down.

Let the sun kiss goodbye

to my silvery beached heels...

dive, dive into the wooded magic

of the eceni... of Satya's living dark.

Let me burrow

into the black thickets

of thorny spells and secrets.

Let me press up against the black

and pulsing part of it, essential living

heart of it, believe at last what I know well.

For all the fro and to

our arms entwine in that

musky tangle, the wiry knot

bramble beginning from whence

we're begot, the thorny thicket where

blood mixes in sweet juice of good intention,

forgotten fruit.

Cobwebs and crisp frost

become our lily gild. Let go

at last the ill begotten answers

in favour of the one wondrous

question that can rock us to sleep

Eceni (or iceni): Brittonic tribe of eastern Britain during the Iron Age and early Roman era. 

Satya: truthfulness; the practice of integrity

Huge thanks to Hilaire for bringing the Poets for the Planet site to our attention. In their Begin afresh’ campaign they are asking for people to write poems about how we could, post Covid-19, live in a way that respects the planet & mitigates the climate crisis. Let's get these poems submitted writers... we've definitely heard some sound advice from many of you!

Writing from the session:

Filigree Fine Twining

by Sandra Birnie

There’s a filigree fine and twining by the spidery shadows in my memories of you. We can see the clouds of droplets falling and I wish for you. And the dark token passed over is the ticket to my soul.

Together yet apart. I ache. And the apart varies from metres to miles but it lacks the fifth sense. The sense that speaks without the mouth and sees sans eyes and hears the beating of a pulse and tastes a quickening of a heart. Let me touch. Let me stroke. Let me linger on your hand and stroke a thumb. A wrist. Let me lean in and, shoulders touching, share the laughter. Let me ease your pain. Let me kiss your battered knees and wish the hurt away. Oh to touch; to feel; to connect again.

Hear ye, hear ye

by Catrice Greer

Hear ye, hear ye

We are gathered here today 

family, friends, enemies, 

enemies of my enemies

We are here at the black hole mouth 

of this isolated cave

in the grief painted 

infected unknown space 

to bury our dead among us

Those dead things between us

that hold us back

Those things we no longer speak

Those things that twine and whip 'round 

our vocal chords*

that prevent the i’m sorries

i miss you’s, i love you’s *

the pieces that bumble forward 

like an emotionally blind man heady on drink

bumbling home too late 

for whatever he was meant to be there for

knocking over sentimentals, and traditions, 

passed down collectibles shattered 

in pieces launched 

jagged landmine shards  

speckling the ground

Our DNA, our ancestors, 

mothers, fathers, 

grandmothers, grandfathers long gone

our creators, ask us to stand here together 

Ask ourselves

if in this space we will abandon 

Our old skins

Our old breath

and choose to share anew

Can we bury this dead thing between us all

so we can 

stand wrapped in new sinew, tendons, blood 

coursing miracles spiraling through the breath lifting us

in a swirl of meditative purpose

Can we find a new space

a sense of being

We are here in this vortex 

to bury the living dead 

under loam, clay, rocks, 

into the broken soil 

Cover it.

Mark it as resting here 

never to go forward

We mark new paths with a sign 

here as we crawl out 

heel to heel... 6 ft apart 

linked in spirit 

life begins anew

we celebrate together

mourning yesterdays

embracing our multicolored confettied *

I forgive you's littered 

in the air 


our tomorrows


Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always:

Anja: Thank you, Adrienne, I just love listening to your voice. Almost fell asleep, because I am so very tired form this whole week.

Lapidus Scotland Bev: getting together (writing prompt)

Giovanna: Beautiful Sandra

Jo: lovely words, Sandra

Giovanna: Completely true Joyce, it’s a huge loss, especially in this country when we were only just warming to the idea!!

Giovanna: Thank you Britt, such powerful images

Catrice: Truly beautiful and honest. <3

Jo: Apologies Britt, our Internet is unstable

Giovanna: So gorgeous Angie, so hopeful

Jo: WE are growing huge beetroots this year, Great analogy

Giovanna: LOVED it Catrice, especially the drunk man analogy

Kay: so much incredible powerful stuff from everyone     thankyou all so much for sharing   kx

Kate: Thank you everyone for sharing your powerful words.  Another fab session Bev and Adrienne, thank you so much. I have a teleconference at 1 so need to go sadly x

Catrice: Lovely Kirsty.  Thank you.  Lovely poem. <3

Kirsty: thank you. 

Eileen: Thank you to everyone for sharing your amazing writings 🙏

Angie: Great poetry coming from all of us today.  Well done guys.  xx

Eileen Gray: Thank you one

Eileen Gray: thank you once again Bev and Adrienne

Kay: such a powerful session once again   thankyou bev & Adrienne   thankyou everyone   kx

Catrice: Yes, Mo.  Well said! <3

Susan: Thank you everyone - sorry to be distracted today. Someone came to the door. 

Joyce: thankyou for sharing your wise and moving words . i have never written before or read .. thank you for supportive comments and the opportunity xxx 

Angie: Can I please have a copy of the Einstein quote?  Thank you again for a wonderful session.  

Catrice: Thank you everyone.  Pleasure to see you all again and hear your work. <3

Michele: than you both the sessions and everyone for the lovely contributions.  Michele

Pat: Thanks everyone; I'm overwhelmed by all the wonderful words. Pat 

Sandra: this group has been a revelation to me. I feel at peCE nd safe here. Thank you all xx

Kate H: Thank you all for sharing so many beautiful and moving words.

Jo: Yes please put your piece on the blog, Britt -  the little green web gremlin broke it up for me.

Mo: i have to leave as I have to be  elsewhere shortly. thanks again for all the words shared, time generously given and the receptive listening offered unconditionally

Isabel: Thank you all. My life has been so enriched by you. And thank you Bev and Adrienne for making it happen and for steering our ship so safely.

Giovanna: Thank you everyone, I’m not sure if I’ll make the next two sessions but wanted to say how much I’ve loved your company and your words. Adrienne and Bev, so many thank yous for starting this. It’s been the best lockdown zoom activity. XX

Catrice: This has been a strong addition to my life.  I am deeply grateful to meet each of you and have the opportunity to share and connect. Thank you so much. The meditation is amazing. This is a perfect program.  See you again.

Louise: so so much thank you to Adrienne and Bev and all of you sharing and /or listening. I always feel so relaxed and touched in time

Angie: Thanks again to everyone and I do hope that if I don't see you at the next to workshops that our paths will cross again.  Take care and keep writing.  xx

Britt: Thank you to everyone. Absolutely singular. This is what it's all about. Best wishes. Hope to see everyone someday somehow. Big love. 

Kirsty: thank you to Bev and Adrienne for facilitating these sessions and to everyone else for sharing this experience with me , have really enjoyed it.

Jo: Thanks, Bev and Adrienne and everybody for giving us all this connectedness … a wonderful privilege to have been part of it.