Sunday, June 19, 2022

Slow Ink session 18th June 2022

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At last we're back - Adrienne introduced the mindfulness session with the poem "I worried" by Mary Oliver and then moved into a gentle Mindfulness with the support of Breath practice.

Please remember you can access all of Adrienne's practices on the the link above.

Bev led writers into their timed writing with a prompt from "The story of a story" by Vasco Popa:

they said all sorts of things

Still looking for a link to share that one with you... more later as your pieces come in...


And now for some of 


by Kay Ritchie

(inspired by Mary Oliver’s I Worried & Vasco Popa’s The Story of a Story)

Paul, the volunteer, is on his knees
to tease the weeds from under lavender,
London pride & foxglove.  We meander,  
wonder at the poppies that explode onto
the path beside the iris and the lamb’s ears.
Paul points us to the pear tree,
tells us it is Scotland’s oldest &
each year so full of fruit
fermenting on each branch
that wasps are free
to guzzle till, chokeful, all boozy,  
bawdy, birlin’, stoatin’, so that
as day sags west he has to pick
their precious-patterned-woolly-jumpered bodies
to let them sleep it off in compost-comfort
till, next morning,
still hung over,
they try to fly, 
singing into day.

They said sorts of things 
by Cap'n Bev

Songs, stories and people of my past 
so selectively I store snippets like ribbons in a basket 
that I roll and plait, weave into my very own remembrance of reality, 
stitching sense into the fabric off my life 
with no more factual reason turn a magpie's nest 
that barely holds together its bottle tops and plastic wrappers.

What they said I hardly remember
and what they intended seems as remote to my comprehension 
as the smallest planet in a far off galaxy. 
I was not here
have yet to arrive... 
how strange it is, this being alive.


Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always!

Aileen: Falkland estate
Aileen: good to see everyone
Giovanna: Thank you Bev for saying such lovely things. ❤️
Giovanna: I meant to say at the beginning, welcome to the new faces!
Kay: thankyou   beautiful to be back mindfully   kx
Jo: Thanks Bev and Adrienne.
Giovanna: Adrienne - “allow your mind to rest here, to be anchored here with your body as it breathes" I will absolutely keep this with me, thank you
Jo: Adrienne, who was the author of that lovely poem, please
Karen: So lovely to be back amongst writing friends, welcome everyone πŸ’–
Bev: Mary Oliver, Jo
Sheila: Thanks Adrienne for the physical rest from the active mind….x
Denise: Lovely to be here. Haven't done any mindfulness for ages. So good.
Angie: That's brilliant Cath.  Well done.  You will be great in that role. x
Giovanna: Huge congratulations Cath! πŸ‘πŸ½
Lesley: Amazing well done Cath! x
Helen: Thank you Adrienne, so much permission and presence, really needed that
Cath: Thank you
Bev: they said all sorts of things
Giovanna: Bex - "when stories break apart” “the centre does not hold”
Giovanna: I'm going to need to leave a little early today at 11.30, sorry for anyone I miss. X
Giovanna: Doreen - “now I dance and sing in the garden of my heaven”
Giovanna: Jo - “all I've done is learn to describe and introduce" I'd love to read your work Jo, where can I find it?
Bev: VAsko Popa
Doreen: thanks
Giovanna: Angie -  I loved the push and rhythm of this, I need to read it!
Giovanna: Sorry to leave this wonderful group, hoping to see you all next week.
Karen: I would read, but out of time.❤️
Doreen: Wow Jo (Beth)
Bex: sorry folks, I've got to go... thanks everybody
Sheila: Helen “tight garment of truth” πŸ™
Susan: Thank you, all...each piece has been amazing...what a delightful couple of hours.
Kay: thankyou so much to everyone for a wonderful session   great to be back    x
Doreen: Is there someway we could come together to honour Sally on the blog someway?
Karen: God Bless, Sally πŸ’–
Yvonne: RIP Sally ♥️
Yvonne: Thank you everyone for a wonderful morning xxx
Angie: Thank you for a wonderful morning.  See you all again soon. xx

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

New course starts Saturday 18th June 2022


Please get in touch if you'd like to enrol - details and how to join here.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Slow Ink session 30th April 2022


Adrienne introduced her RAIN practice today with David Whyte's poem "The Journey
Bev led into the writing session with a poem by David Donnison:

by David Donnison

It’s not what I said but what I didn’t say
that lingers in the mind for long years after –
sets me coining blazing phrases
to celebrate a life changing day.

Emerging a at last from days of turbulence,
“It’s all right” you said . “I’m not going to leave you” -
and all I could offer was dumb relief
as the clouds rolled away.

The prompt comes from another of his books 
"It Takes a Lifetime to Become Yourself - Kay Carmichael"

Think you wrote a poem? The poem wrote you

POSTSCRIPT (this is where the prompt comes from)
from David Donnison's "Requiem" booklet for Kay Carmichael

Thought you wrote some poems?
You were wrong.
Powered by pain,
half scream, half song,
they kept your head to wind,
drove you through the storm.
The poems wrote you.


And now for some of 


Thoughts on writing
by Doreen Kelly

The system, loving families and a "well meaning education" instructs you to write formulaically. This formal formulaic fancy writing is required for forms and filing. But I discover poems and origins while "zooming" quietly and mindfully with Slow Ink writing through my relaxed arm.

Messy Guest
by Kay Ritchie
(inspired by Rumi’s The Guest House, David Donnison’s The Road to Wisdom & It’s Not What I Said)

you entered   made yourself at home
you didn’t knock or
ask to stay
just wouldn’t go away
you cooried in   deep in my core
bore down into my guts
inscribed your name on my womb
your game   to stick   with me   for life
arriving   never leaving &
I’ve been grieving ever since

the baggage which you brought
were pain & inflammation 
as you wrapped your fibrous arms
around each organ
held them tight
blocked out the light
I was yours   all yours
I couldn’t bear a child &
so we’ve lived our life
together  alone

but though you changed the way
things might have been
I’m used to you &
do believe you’ve taught me
better ways to live
to meditate
to eat
to pace
after all life’s not a race 
in search of who knows what

so  make yourself at home
you’re welcome my old friend
‘cause in the end
I won’t be leaving you
you won’t be leaving me
let’s be

The poem writes me
by Bev Schofield

If I could just arrive at the desk 
that knife edge between intention and acceptance
prise open the door with the tip of my pen
peep into the room of understanding…

What bliss to float for 
a minute 
an hour 
in the conviction that my effort is as nought
I need do nothing right.

But as the bath drains 
the weight of my body settles 
on my hips 
my shoulders 
and yes, eventually I must rise,
continue my absurd endeavour 
only now with the tiniest hope 
that I might be used in some infinitesimal way 
by the great good flow 
of this marvellous life and world 
of which I am apart


Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always!

Fenella: stupendously good for me, thanks.
Denise: Very helpful, thank you.
Angie: Thank you I feel very relaxed now.
Sheila Buchanan: Thanks Adrienne that has helped.  See you in June xx
Bev: That's David Whyte's "Journey"
Sally: Checking that I remembered how to do this.
Sally: Sally checking again! altho the chat said “me”
Sally: Sally ,  Hurrah
Denise: Success, Sally - sent to everyone
Bex: Hi Sally, yes it's working and coming up as Sally for the rest of us!#
Jo Saunders: agree, Adrienne, about those who talk right through.  I also struggle with total silence. Yours strikes a nice balance
Sally: Sally   thanks Denise
Bev: Think you wrote a poem? The poem wrote you
Y: RAIN has always been one of my favourite practices and has helped me many times over the years. This morning has been so wonderful - thank you all for the words - so powerful and moving………..early arrival of visitors is tearing me away…..much love to all xxx
Kay: living our dying edited by larry butler and Sheila templeton
Doreen: The Survivor Guide to Non-Silence - the survivor arts community
Kate: Sorry everyone I need to go, a delivery of wood has arrived for my husband - and he's not in! Thank you everyone for the inspiration over the last 6 sessions.  See y'all in June
Giovanna: thanks for the link Doreen, this pamphlet looks great
Angie: Thanks again and hope to see you all soon. xx
Giovanna: Huge thanks Bev and Adrienne for these wonderful, restorative, inspiring sessions. And to all you brilliant writers. I hope to see you in June 🧑
Kay: thankyou so much to everyone    wonderful
Margaret: thanks to everyone for such deep sharing.
Denise: Thanks so much to everyone.
Jo: Thanks all xxxxxx

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Slow Ink session 23th April 2022

Photo by Jan McCorkindale

Adrienne led a Noticing our attitude to the undercurrent practice, introducing it with Well of Grief David Whyte
Bev took a writing prompt from Keneth Steven's poem "Coracle":

slow fishponds and the deeper creeks


And now for some of 


Spring-time Desk
by Denise Steel

Melded into the water glass –
two green shapes
organic, shining.
Reflection makes
a lily pad
torn of stem
of flowering
but present still
and pleasing –
inviting deeper
inviting finding?
Or else return
to the waterless glass
sat prosaic
on my spring-time desk.

(inspired by David Whyte’s The Well of Grief & Kenneth Steven’s Coracle)
by Kay Ritchie

we walk mindfully
blether beneath blowsy blossoms
branches boughed
weighed down with apple   cherry
cream   pink
we think Japan
plan a picnic
find an empty bench
guzzle delicious cakes from Delizique
an apple tart   a cherry frangipani
we talk politics   parties   power
a far-away war
gaze out across the gardens & the pond
where coots now nest in
towers of wood & weed
each island woven as 
defence against their enemies
petals fall like April showers &
we walk home
through drifts   tender as snow


Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always!

Doreen: Happy Blossom Day
Doreen: Blossom Watch Day (that should have been)
Giovanna: Thanks Doreen
Kay: a perfect start to the weekend    thanks  x
Linda: The ‘calm’ app. Has 5, 10, 15 mins etc guided mindfulness meditations. X
Karen: Great mindfulness session- I was truly gone…x
Angie: I tend to find that I practice mindfulness between 3am and 4am in the morning because I wake up most nights at this time feeling anxious and the mindfulness helps to keep my noisy brain/emotions quiet.
Jo: doodling the date is an excellent mind settling exercise for me.
Giovanna: Thanks everyone, this is really helpful
Bev: slow fishponds and the deeper creeks
Karen: Thanks everyone, beautiful morning. Lots of love ❤️
Giovanna: Another gorgeous session, huge thanks Bev, Adrienne and everyone
Jan: Thank you, thank you everyone.
Jo: Thanks Bev, Adrienne and all
Angie: Thanks again  Have a great week everyone. xx
Kay: a wonderful session   thanks to everyone  kx
Y Ioan: Wonderful morning xxxx 

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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Slow Ink session 16th April 2021

Today's exploration of tenderness took all of us in different directions, yielding some powerful insight.
Adrienne led a Loving Kindness practice, introducing it with "Your Soft Heart" by Nikita Gill

Bev took a writing prompt from the poem "Life In Whispers" by J Lynn:

most tender place


And now for some of 


by Bex Woodsford

   the smallest thing
the slightest show of kindness
And my heart breaks
    Stone cracks in two
and something emerges
feathers fluttering
    the tenderest of places
and a chance to begin again

by Doreen Kelly

My Love, you are obscured from my view. Sacred moments snatched thundering from us. Ever near darling but prevention is better than cure. Protection required. Masked, sprayed and sanitized. Long distance loving just now. Alone and longing for caressing cuddles. Oh how I miss thee. 
Let's hope we can party onwards through out the years to come if not during Covid times.

by Kay Ritchie
(inspired by Nikita Gill’s Your Soft Heart & Jay Linn’s A Life in Whispers)

if Putin cared about the plight of bees
fought against the destruction of the planet
healed the wings of injured birds
to send them soaring high into the sky
instead of war planes
instead of rockets

if Putin’s heart was gentle, tender &
he treasured every petal on each flower
instead of sending brutal booted soldiers in
to trample on Ukraine

if Putin’s soul was soft
soft enough to love himself &
everyone around him
so he wanted only peace
no more cruel words & acts
no more suffering or rape
no destruction
no starvation
just compassion


Tomorrow we will begin the live
by Cath Hopkins

Tomorrow we will begin the live
with no more sticky handprints
upon the window panes.
With no more laughter
that echoes through each room.
And silence will be the only sound.
There will be no more tears and tantrums.
Or early morning wake up calls.
There will be no more sunshine smiles.
Or cuddles or baby shark.
No more curious fingers exploring.
Or love wrapped around us all.

And when tomorrow arrives.
I will hide the sorrow.
And when I pack your bag.
I will fill it full of love and memories.
I will hold you one last time,
with enough love to last you a lifetime.
And I will wave you goodbye with the hope,
That one day you will return to say hello.


Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always!

Maggie: Burns shows great tenderness ( eg, 'To a Mountain daisy',
Kay: thankyou kx
Bev: most tender place
Giovanna: It’s been a great morning, sorry I have to go to work and miss the rest of your words. Thanks Bev and Adrienne 🧑
Sheila Buchanan: Such deep pieces this morning.  Thank you everyone
Doreen: I can't read today as Covid cough unpredictable
Doreen: Hugs Kate
Kate Lindsay: Thanks Doreen and hugs to you too.  Hope you feel better soon
Kay: thankyou so much everyone   kx
Doreen: Thanks
Margaret: Thanks for such deep an d tender words 

Thanks to funders
Lapidus Scotland gratefully acknowledges the support of Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership's "Wellbeing for Longer in Glasgow Fund" (managed by Impact Funding Partners).

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Slow Ink session 9th April 2022

Adrienne’s practice today was Mindfulness with Sound and Body Sensation support, opening with the Danna Faulds poem "Settle In". We don’t have a recording of this one yet but here is a link to the Mindfulness with the support of Sound practice. 

Bev returned to the Toby Litt poem Hare that she discovered on the BBC series of essays “Becoming Animal” (still available to listen to on BBC). The version used doesn't seem to be online so do listen to it at the end of that essay and get in touch if you'd like me to email my transcribed version.

Writers were invited to explore their own animals or use the prompt from the first line of the poem:

In the last of the light


And now for some of 


"In the shape of a" 

by Doreen Kelly

magpie rainbows dance in sunlit waves. 
Greeting hands wave
 and are gathered by a solitary Madame Butterfly 
as she flutters across the head and wings 
of Mr Magpie. In search of glittering sunrays 
to catch and hoard, they are joined by the joy of another. 
Reflecting each other they need nothing other than each other.

Two Fish
by Kay Ritchie
(inspired by Toby Litt’s A Hare & Dana Faulds’ Settle In)

born beneath the star of Pisces
two fish heading in opposite directions
in the month of March
when the weather is confused &
the moon needs coaxing from behind a cloud
I’ve been known as ‘hare brained’
I’ve been called ‘mad as a hatter’
contrary   solitary
I’ve wandered   going who knows where
the world spinning beneath my feet

now   knees rusted & hair gone gray
wintering in the last of the light 
at the end of the day
I scrub at memories
rub them out
fill them in 
replace them
with new ones

but the time has come 
when I must settle in the here & now
not fish-swim away or
hare-leap in the air
but breathe
just breathe


Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always!

Doreen: Does anyone listen BBC radio 4?
Jan: yep
Bex: and me
Doreen: Has anyone heard this weeks Caretakers
Jan: not yet
Bex: no not yet
Doreen: By-the-way I'm asking about Caretakers Reimage because I am on it. You could try BBC Sounds if you want to hear it.
Jo  to  Lapidus Scotland(Direct Message): Sheila Buchanan is swimming her masters yesterday today
Angie: Sending all my love to you Cath. xxx
Kay: beautiful cath   thankyou for sharing kx
Yvonne: Beautiful Cath. Sending much love xxx
Cath: Thank u xx
Bev: In the last of the light
Doreen: "In the shape of a" magpie rainbows dance in sunlit waves. Greeting hands wave and are gathered by a solitary Madame Butterfly as she flutters across the head and wings of Mr Magpie. In search of glittering sunrays to catch and hoard, they are joined by the joy of another. Reflecting each other they need nothing other than each other.
Jo: sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.. If I focus on the problems far away I cease to cherish the life around me
Maggie: We can be of practical help by donating to the Disasters Emergency fund, Medicines sans Frontiers...
Cath: Thats a good suggestion Maggie
Cath: Thats lovely Doreen, I love magpies
Angie: great poem Doreen
Bex: sorry got an unexpected visitor, see you all next time x
Maggie: Yes Linda, rhyme is helpful - sonnet or ballad shaped
Adrienne: Settle In by Danna Faulds
Angie Strachan: That was wonderful, thank you.  Have a most excellent weekend everyone. xx
Karen: Thankyou for this morning xx
Kay: thankyou thankyou thankyou   kx 

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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Slow Ink session 26th March 2021


Adrienne led a Bodyscan practice today, opening with the Danna Faulds poem "Just for now" 

awareness reaches up to meet it

was the prompt that Bev offered after warming everyone up with some literary abandon from Emily Dickinson:

High from the earth I heard a bird
by Emily Dickinson

High from the earth I heard a bird;
He trod upon the trees
As he esteemed them trifles,
And then he spied a breeze,
And situated softly
Upon a pile of wind
Which in a perturbation
Nature had left behind.
A joyous-going fellow
I gathered from his talk,
Which both of benediction
And badinage partook,
Without apparent burden,
I learned, in leafy wood
He was the faithful father
Of a dependent brood;
And this untoward transport
His remedy for care,—
A contrast to our respites.
How different we are!


And now for some of 

From Prompt Saturday March 26th 
by Helen Geoghegan  

Awareness reaches up to be met
I just miss, again. 
These past weeks the birds have been coming closer.
They are daring me
‘Go on, there’s not much to it’.
Two of them waltz the roof in steps
twice a day.
They hop and dance about
-my reinvention.
Then there’s just the ticking clock
and their encouragement.
‘Come on lady
not much to it.
We can feel it
your haphazard delight.
And now, to do
on your feet
with some abandon.
Melt your shoulders
ease away.
Watch us lady
Just - let – go.
Let go, you know what’s next.
We’ll be here.
Find your wings
to fly away.’

Oak am I
by Bex Woodsford

Up up I go
Trunk squat, rooted
Yet branches lifting
Twigs swaying
Buds bursting 
Leaves fluttering
Lightness and life erupting
Rooted in Mother Earth
Yet reaching for the sky
Trmendous oak am I

by Doreen Kelly

A pile of wind wills me from behind. A murder of ravens rounds on me. Enormous wings. Never ending, ever onwards, soaring and sweeping. Ravens roar, each soars. All reaching, clinging, holding, evermore swooping. Unafraid the pigeons and turtle doves join the party. Totally oblivious to the murderous gathering. Extremely excited they experience the thermals.

Two Black Crows
by Bonbon

2 black crows on my back fence
Every day - so busy with their chores
Dog haircut outside in the sun - unplanned but a perfect opportunity
One big furry dog-cloud - now half his size and weight
I turn back - just for a minute - and wow!!! My awareness reaches up to capture the circle of life, as the 2 black crows pop down to collect the fur, in lumps of unimaginable size  to fly away to their nest. 
I spend the next few hours just entertained and amazed - watching the work of the parenting, repeated until all the fur has gone…..
 and i think…..I may have missed all of that wonder - had I not just stopped for that one little moment in time.
What a joyous thought that one bird family will be just a little cosier tonight

Reaching up
by Cap'n Bev

Mountains reach up
in slow and grinding intercourse. 
With roar and shake tectonic plates slide, collide.

Much quicker does this 
seagull jet towards the paling blue
tries not to let the thrush perch 
on the pinnacle of the roof 
to sing and sing, 
to somehow bring the world 
to a breathless halt 
in the audience of 
unprepared immaculate abandon.

by Margaret Bremner

Today, for a second or two
I'll let go of care and
allow that my small contribution
is finding joy here and now.
Today's got enough worriers and
and warriers:
One more corner heaving with
Fears and tears won't help much.
I'll feel for the warm air,
laugh at the kids,
Listen to birdsong,
Wriggle my toes in and out 
of socks,
And wander along gazing
just gazing.
Drink in the exquisite changes, as
Magnolia buds burst out 
in startling and ridiculous
colours and shapes.
Hyacinth scent wakens 
my nose up.
Daffodils ripple in ranks
and sweet little blue flowers
challenge me to remember
their names.
The grass looks greener.
The sea looks bluer.
The smiles are wider than an hour ago.

by Kay Ritchie
(inspired by Danna Faulds’ Just for Now & Emily Dickinson’s High from the earth I heard a Bird)

the gardener
his roots left behind in Cuba
that smell you smell is from the Daphne bush

a ladybird reclines
snug as a bug on a leaf
a bumble bee grumbles round the blossom
we stick noses    close    sniff
drink in the possibility

then on the path    an egg
egg-shell blue   speckled   snatched   smashed
the shape of death
above   a dark brown blackbird leans on air
her blackbird blues   a sob  the sound of despair

and though the sun beats down on us
the spring has lost its lustre


Thanks to you all ...

... for your heartening feedback as always!

Catrice: Good morning everyone!  I am going to keep my video off this morning until the sun rises here (Maryland) to keep the light from hurting my eyes. Good to see you all today.
Karen: God Bless, Cath xxπŸ’•
Catrice: Wishing her well, Giovanna.
Giovanna: Thanks Catrice
Kay: I do love a body scan and that was just lovely   thankyou Adrienne    kx
Adrienne: ❤️
Catrice: Thank you, Adrienne.
Bev: awareness reaches up to meet it
Giovanna: I’ll keep my video off as kids are marauding - nothing from me but I’ll be listening
Lynnda: I loved the voice of the tree!
Catrice: Love the last line.  Tremendous oak am I
Helen: love how it builds to that last line
Lynnda: That feel so affirmative!
Sheila: Thanks everyone I have to leave now
Lynnda: So sorry, Cath. A hard process of grieving, my heart is with you
Caroline: You’re a warrior Cath…….
Lynnda: Lovely!
Doreen: I need to go. Thank you. Bye bye.
Lynnda: Such beautiful colours in that poem!
Lynnda: A requiem for an egg ...
Jo: fabulous poetry, kay
Denise: Completely absorbing, Catrice.
Lynnda: Beautiful poem Catrice :)
Catrice: Thank you, everyone.  Very kind. I appreciate the feedback.
Lynnda: Loved the way you used the line  'pile of wind' !
Catrice: Love the voice of that poem.  I could listen to that narrator over and over. It's like a an inner voice.  So strong.
Catrice: That was fun Moira! Loved that!
Karen: Thanks everyone, you are so warm and inspirational. Love these sessionsπŸ’–
Giovanna: Thanks Bev, Adrienne and everyone, it was great to hear you all this morning.
Kay: thankyou to everyone   thanks bev and Adrienne   a great morning    kx
Margaret: Thanks everyone, some beautiful images filling my head now
Helen: wonderful to spend this time in mindful writing with you, so grateful and nourished
Lynnda: Thanks Bev and  Adrienne and all in the room - great session!
Caroline: Thanks so much wonderful women
Denise: Thank you so much for this. My first time - I’m so glad to have met and heard you. Not much actual writing today, but some beginnings!
Angie: thank you. it was lovely to spend the morning with you all
Jan: Thanks so much everyone.  Enjoy the sun!
Moira: thanks so much lovely session, Adrienne much appreciated the wonderful body scan it was much needed and welcomed.
Yvonne: What a wonderful morning - thank you all so very much x
Cath: Thank u Giovanna and Karen xxx
Jo Beth: Thank you for a Wonderful morn
Jo: thanks both
Sally Beaumont: wonderful Kay

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